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Safe Kids Madison Area

The Safe Kids Madison Area coalition formed in February 1998 and is led by American Family Children's Hospital.

The coalition focuses on:

  • Child passenger safety
    • Weekly events held throughout Dane County.
    • Checks done at AAA Fit Station at Kohl’s Safety Center.
    • TRIAD car seat education for grandparents.
    • Presentations throughout Dane County.
    • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Children Passenger Safety Course in April.


  • Fire prevention
    • Safety Town in July.
    • Delivering Fire Prevention in October.
  • Bicycle safety
    • Freezing for Safety (University of Wisconsin-Madison cycling team).
    • Helmet sales and fittings (Kohl’s Safety Center).
  • Home safety
  • Pedestrian safety
    • Photovoice Pedestrian Safety Project (Sun Prairie).
    • Walk to School Week.
  • Safety Saturday at the Capital in June.
  • Safety Sunday at the Children’s Museum in February.
  • Safe Kids Day at American Family Children’s Hospital.

Coalition partners include:



2/4/10 Car Seat Check more info

2/12/10 Car Seat Check more info

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Safe Kids Wisconsin is led by Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, a member of Safe Kids Worldwide.
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