Disposing of Used Car Seats

All car seats have an expiration date that can be found on the manufacturer’s label. If there is not an exact expiration date listed, a general rule is 6 years from the manufacture date. Seats used after their expiration date may not be safe or hold up in a crash.

Car seats purchased second hand are dangerous as well. The history of the car seat is unknown and may have been involved in a crash or recalled.  

Safe Kids Wisconsin's goal is to keep old, expired or damaged seats from being re-used.  Due to changes with recycling collection facilities, WE NO LONGER TAKE CAR SEATS to recycle. 

If you are looking to get rid of old seats (video):

  • Check the owner’s manual to see if any directions are offered.
  • Dismantle the seat as much as possible before putting it in the trash.
  • Be sure to cut the harness out of the seat, along with the buckle strap.
  • The fabric cover also should be removed and anything else that will help deter from re-use.
  • You may want to write on the plastic shell “DO NOT USE” as well.