COVID-19 Resources

Child Passenger Safety Technicians be sure to reach out to Safe Kids Worldwide if you are not able to complete all of your seat check-offs. Child Passenger Safety Instructors be sure to reach out to Safe Kids Worldwide if you do not have your 20 teaching completed for recertification. Email with questions/concerns.


CPS Certification Questions

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  I was able to complete a few seat checks, so can I now complete CEUs in place of the remaining seat checks?

YES, one CEU would be equivalent to one seat check. Simply ensure your seat checks and CEU alternatives total 5.

  How do I log Seat Check alternative CEUs?

When completing CEUs in place of seat checks they should be logged into your online profile under Seat Check Alternative CEUs; not Add/Review CEUs.

  Will I be audited on my CEUs in place of seat checks?

YES, you will need to show proof for ALL CEUs submitted for your recertification.

  I completed all my recertification requirements, but it does not indicate where to pay my recertification fee.

You may only complete your recertification (pay fee) if you are within 4 months of your expiration date. If you try to recertify in January but do not expire until May, you will need to wait another month before it will display Recertify/Pay under Action.

  What are my options for keeping technician’s skills sharp with limited to no public contact restrictions set by my employer?

Keeping skills fresh does not always have to be about seat check events. Communication skills are just as important as hands on skills. Encouraging technicians to conduct remote education or offer virtual car seat inspections will keep the communication skills and technical knowledge sharp. You can find videos and a tool kit on the Safe Kids certification website under Resources/FAQs.

In-Person Car Seat Checks

During these last few months, we has been contacted by many technicians in the field who continue to provide in-person seat checks, requesting guidance and tips during COVID-19 and social distancing. Safe Kids strongly supports remote education, referring caregivers to car seat manufacturers for additional assistance (example: virtual car seat checks) and following CDC guidelines.

If you absolutely must provide an in-person seat check, there is no guarantee of safety from COVID19. However, if you must provide an in-person seat check, you should work with your organization’s risk manager to assure permission to proceed. You may need to sign a waiver releasing the organization from all liability. 

You can view all of Safe Kids Worldwide suggestions here.


Virtual Car Seat Checks

When social distancing makes in-person car seat checks impossible, a virtual car seat check is a good alternative. While phone support has always been an option for remote education, smartphones, tablets, and computers make virtual car seat checks with audio and visual components possible through technology such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Google Duo and others.

Virtual checkups are handy, but have inherent challenges, so care should be taken when planning. Even when a check-up is conducted remotely, it’s important for CPSTs to follow the basic principles of Learn-Practice-Explain, careful documentation and liability release sign-off. 

There are numerous virtual resources available for you to use. Take a look at them below:


Scholarship & Stipend Opportunities

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  CPS Recertification Fee Scholarship

Through a grant from WisDOT (Wisconsin Department of Transportation), scholarships are available for the Child Passenger Safety Technician/Instructor recertification fees. All recertification requirements must be completed before submitting your application for the recertification scholarship. Applications must be approved prior to finalizing your renewal on the national certification site. 

Due to COVID-19 scholarship eligibility requirements have been waived other than having Wisconsin residency. We hope this scholarship can help you and or your organization during these challenging times.These scholarships will be available first come first serve. 

Apply for Scholarship
  Child Passenger Safety Installation Site Stipend: COVID-19

Through a grant from the WisDOT (Wisconsin Department of Transportation), a limited number of Child Passenger Safety Installation Site Stipends are available for Wisconsin organizations in need of supplies to continue their car seat checks during COVID-19.

If your lead agency is able to pay for supplies, we respectfully ask that they do so. This will free up the stipends for other installation sites who are not able to support the cost to buy supplies.

Apply for Stipend