Wisconsin Law vs. Safest Practice

Safest recommendation: A child should remain in a booster seat until they are at least 4’9” and meet ALL of the following:

  • The child must be able to sit all the way back against the vehicle seat.
  • The child’s knees should be able to bend comfortably at the edge of the vehicle seat.
  • The seat belt must cross the shoulder between the neck and arm.
  • The lap belt must sit low, across the child’s thighs.
  • The child must be able to sit like this the whole trip.

It will also be much more comfortable for the child to wait until they meet all of these criteria. Otherwise, the seat belt cuts across their neck and stomach and they tend to put it behind them, which puts them at great risk of injury in a crash.

Wisconsin law: Children must ride in a booster seat until they are 8 years old or weigh 80 pounds or are 4 feet 9 inches tall. Your child must meet at least one of these requirements. 


Crash Test Video

This crash test video shows a child riding both with and without a booster seat. When a seat belt does not fit correctly it can cause serious injury.