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Welcome to the Child Passenger Safety Technician and Resource Tools and Support page. Here you will find resources that can help you succeed in your CPS technician role. Whether you are looking for recertification requirements, tools to help parents and caregivers or information about upcoming events and conferences, you can find all of that below.


As a current certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, the Wisconsin State Statute (895.497) may provide civil liability exemption for safety services related to car seat education and installation. See the full state statute here. 

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  Continuing Education Opportunities
  Re-certification Information
  • Meet these requirements and record the activities in your online profile:
  • Pay the recertification feeThe recertification fee is $55 for technicians/ instructor candidates and $60 for instructors. A detailed fee table is available on this website under Resources-FAQs/Fees. Check your online profile if you are not sure when your certification expires.
  • You must complete all recertification requirements, including paying the recertification fee, on or before the expiration date of your current certification.

  • How to Recertify Online: Step- by- Step PDF

*Information from 

Recertification Fee Scholarship 

Through a grant from the WisDOT (Wisconsin Department of Transportation), a limited number of scholarships are available for the Child Passenger Safety Technician/ Instructor recertification fees. All recertification requirements must be completed before submitting your application for the recertification scholarship. Applications must be submitted and awarded prior to finalizing your renewal on the certification site. Applications must be submitted at least 1 month prior to your technician/ instructor expiration date.

Scholarship Eligibility:

If your lead agency is able to pay your recertification fee, we respectfully ask that they do so. This will free up the scholarships for other individuals who are not affiliated with an agency or whose agency is not able to support the cost.

  1. Technician/ instructor must live in WI.
  2. Technician/ instructor must participate in at least two car seat installation activities with an instructor present.
  3. Technician/ instructor must participate in at least two additional car seat installation activities (instructor presence not required)

Apply for Scholarship

  Order- Child Passenger Safety Resources and Materials

Order CPS Materials

CPS Law Cards

Child Passenger Safety Law Card (EnglishEn Espanol)

Child Passenger Safety Law Card Poster (English & En Espanol)

Law Enforcement Law Card: Contains State Statutes for Law Enforcement

CPS Tip Sheets

The below Child Passenger Safety Tip sheets are a resources for caregivers and families. These tip sheets provide easy to understand information about numerous topics surrounding children. Please see below for the different tip sheets that will be available to you to order free of charge. 

Ride Safely when Pregnant (English & En Espanol)

Car Safety for Preemies (English & En Espanol)

Keep Younger Children Safe When Riding (English & En Espanol)

Kids and Air Bags (English & En Espanol)

Puffy Coats and Car Seats (English & En Espanol)

Tips for Grandparents (English & En Espanol)

Guide Older Children to be Safe Passengers (English & En Espanol)

Frequently Asked Questions (English & En Espanol)

CPS Fact Sheets

When used and installed correctly, car seats and safety belts can prevent injuries and save lives. Correctly used child safety seats can reduce the risk of death by as much as 71 percent. Print these fact sheets free of charge to educate parents and caregivers on proper car seat use.

Comprehensive Car Seat Tip Sheet (EnglishEn Espanol)

Rear-facing Car Seat (EnglishEn Espanol)

Forward-Facing Car Seat (EnglishEn Espanol)

Booster Seat (EnglishEn Espanol)

CHAD Sticker- Printable 

For best quality use a 3 1/3" X 4" shipping label to print off the CHAD Sticker.

Front of CHAD Sticker

CHAD Sticker Story 

  Order- 2019 LATCH Manual

The 2019 LATCH Manuals are now available at a discounted price ($36.50 per manual).

Click the link below to place your order! 

Latch Manual Order Form

  Car Seat Check-Up Event Resources
  Becoming a Technician Proxy

Technician proxies can review and approve seat checks for recertification. This role was created by Safe Kids Worldwide to help bridge the gap in parts of the country where there are few certified instructors. Once approved as a technician proxy, you will remain one until your CPS certification expires.  

To become a Technician Proxy:

  1. Must be a CPS Technician for 6 months to apply.
  2. Go to Safe Kids to find the application and requirements.
  3. Complete and submit application, along with a two testimonials.  
    • One testimonial must be from an instructor.
    • The 2nd testimonial can be from a technician or instructor.
  4. Pay the $25 fee
  Becoming an Instructor

Experienced CPS technicians who are ready to help others learn how to become technicians should consider working towards becoming a certified instructor. Recertification as Instructor is required every two years.

To Become an Instructor:

  1. Must be a CPS Technician for 6 months to apply.
  2. Go to Safe Kids to find the application and requirements.
  3. Identify a Lead Instructor to assist with your candidacy.
  4. Participate as a Course Assistant for a Certification Course. Participation is required within 2 years before submission of Instructor Candidate application, but it’s preferred to be within at least 1 year before submission of application. 
  5. Register by paying the Instructor Candidate application fee of $75 and submitting the completed application, along with four testimonials.
    • Two testimonials are required for adult classroom teaching.
    • One testimonial for CPS Skill and Course Assistant Completion by CPSTI.
    • One testimonial for CPS Skill by CPST or CPSTI.
  6. Application must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to course in which Instructor Candidate will teach.
  7. Must teach within 1 year of being approved as an Instructor Candidate.
  8. Upon successful completion of instructor candidacy, status will change to Certified Instructor.
  Instructor Reimbursement Forms

The forms below are to be used by Certified Child Passenger Safety Instructors who are submitting expenses to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin for teaching the Child Passenger Safety technician certification course.

W-9 Form 

Instructor Expense Form

Course Expense Form 

  Noodle Order Form

Pool noodles can be a great way to adjust the angle of the car seat. Check with the car seat manufacturer to make sure this is allowed. If you need to purchase some for your organization see the form below to order in bulk. 

Order Form 

  Updating Car Seat Installation Site Information
  Wisconsin Child Passenger Safety Newsletters

Below you will find the past and present newsletters that are sent out to Wisconsin Child Passenger Safety Technicians.


February Newsletter

April Newsletter

June Newsletter

September Newsletter


January Newsletter

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November Newsletter


February Newsletter

April Newsletter


See below for upcoming conferences about Child Passenger Safety.

Wisconsin's 46th Annual Governor's Conference on Highway Safety
Wisconsin Dells, WI
August 18-20, 2020: POSTPONED

The 16th Annual Kidz in Motion Conference
ChampionsGate, Florida
August 27-29, 2020