Becoming an Instructor

Experienced CPS technicians who are ready to help others learn how to become technicians should consider working towards becoming a certified instructor. Recertification as Instructor is required every two years.

To Become an Instructor:

  1. Must be a CPS Technician for 6 months to apply.
  2. Go to Safe Kids to find the application and requirements.
  3. Identify a Lead Instructor to assist with your candidacy.
  4. Participate as a Course Assistant for a Certification Course. Participation is required within 2 years before submission of Instructor Candidate application, but it’s preferred to be within at least 1 year before submission of application. 
  5. Register by paying the Instructor Candidate application fee of $75 and submitting the completed application, along with four testimonials.
    • Two testimonials are required for adult classroom teaching.
    • One testimonial for CPS Skill and Course Assistant Completion by CPSTI.
    • One testimonial for CPS Skill by CPST or CPSTI.
  6. Application must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to course in which Instructor Candidate will teach.
  7. Must teach within 1 year of being approved as an Instructor Candidate.
  8. Upon successful completion of instructor candidacy, status will change to Certified Instructor.